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Monday, July 9, 2007

Cake Flavour

Cake Flavor

 -> Red Velvet Cake ~ New ~
-> Butter Vanilla Cake
~ Recommended ~
-> Chocolate Moist Cake
~ Recommended~
-> Blueberry Cake
-> Strawberry Cake

-> Orange Cake ~ Recommended ~
-> Marble Chocolate Cake

-> Cappuccino Cake
-> Marble Mocha Cake
-> Pandan Cake

Add On (Optional)
-> Chocolate Chips
-> Strawberry Chips
-> Oreo Crunch

-> Walnut

Topping Flavour
-> French Plain Buttercream - not too sweet creamy buttercream, made from sugar syrup, shortening & krimwell

-> Whipping Cream - ready-to-use in pressurized container, whipping cream is sweetened cream whipped with air

-> Chocolate Ganache
- a very delicious choclatee, combinations of cooking chocolate and cream

-> Fondant Icing ~ suitable for hantaran/gift ~ - made from confectioner sugar, liquid glucose& glycerin. A perfect topping for Wedding hantaran, 3D cakes & others novelty cakes

-> Crusting Buttercream ~ suitable for hantaran/gift & long journey - combinations of confectioner sugar, butter & shortening. Very good looking & a little bit sweet compared with French Plain Buttercream but NOT too0o sweet

-> Cream Cheese ~ suitable for Red Velvet Cake - a perfect combinations of cream cheese and mascarpone cheese, sweet and sour cake decorating frosting that suitable for Red Velvet Cake and its NYUMMYY~~

Filing Flavour

-> Blueberry Jam
-> Strawberry Jam
-> Chocolate Garnache
-> Peanut Butter

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